Sen. Grassley formally objects to Biden’s “30x30" plan

Senator Chuck Grassley says that the administration’s conservation plan is reckless. He took to the Senate floor to formally state “on record” his objection to the “30x30" program and he laid out the sizable task it would create for the federal government.

“30 percent of the land would mean that we’ll need 440 million additional acres in permanent conservation... It is the equivalent to taking the state of Iowa and putting all of Iowa’s land into permanent conservation, but that’s still not enough... Farmers understand how conservation and sustainable agriculture affects productivity and generational prosperity,” the Senator explains. “It’s important for us to leave the land better than we found it for our children and grandchildren.”

Sen. Grassley called the administration “out of touch with rural America’’ and said that farmers are the original conservationists.

Last week, an ag law specialist said that he believes that 30 percent of U.S. land may already be protected.


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