Sen. Grassley pushing for biofuels, oil, gas sectors to work together

With the Biden administration’s push for new vehicle standards, there is now another push for the biofuels and oil sectors to work together.

Citing the recent winter storm in Texas that crippled wind energy turbines, Senator Chuck Grassley says that this effort should be something automatic. He says that it is unrealistic to think that alternative methods can be the only source of energy in the near future.

According to Sen. Grassley, “The marketplace ought to be making these decisions. Maybe someday there can be a 40-year transition to doing away with biofuels and with petroleum, but I don’t see that today. But, I do see the government wanting to destroy both industries, which is 43,000 jobs in Iowa!”

He says that if biofuels and oil companies could work together, they could form an alliance to advocate for their own futures.


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