Sen. Marshall: Rail crossing closures are creating new crises on the backs of hardworking Americans

The ag community is raising concerns over the closure of two rail crossings in Texas and the impact on the farm economy.

Border Patrol agents closed the lines this week as they dealt with a record number of migrants crossing the border.

U.S. Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas joined RFD-TV’s Suzanne Alexander to speak on the matter. They discussed the hardship of protecting the borders while still getting exports out, what he is hearing from the ag community, the ripple effects that might arise from the closures, and what needs to happen moving forward.

Lawmakers and ag groups are urging the White House to take action. Senator Roger Marshall released a statement saying, “Mexico remains one of the U.S.’ top trading partners and the destination for agricultural goods raised and produced in Kansas. Biden’s announcement to close two additional U.S.-Mexico rail crossings will have substantial and noticeable impacts on our state’s family farms and ranches.”