Sen. Roger Marshall on President Biden’s speech, tax plan, American Families plan

President Biden will hit the road today touting his American Families plan. It comes after his address to a joint session of Congress, where he laid out a new $2 trillion dollar spending package and a tax plan that will impact farmers and rural America.

Kansas Senator Roger Marshall speaks with RFD-TV’s own John Jenkinson on the big takeaways, stepped-up basis and capital gains, and the Republican’s version of an infrastructure plan.

According to the Senator, “What your listeners need to be concerned about is that the President wanting to get rid of stepped-up basis, they want to lower the death tax limit as well. And, this ‘30x30' program has got me fired up... it feels almost communistic to me. All the context the President talked about last night, all the nice things he was saying-- don’t forget he is coming after your pocketbook. He’s going to take the family farm from the family.”


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