Senate confirms Michael Regan as new Administrator of the EPA

The EPA will soon have a new administrator. The Senate voted to confirm Michael Regan last night.

It was not as close as many thought with a vote of 66 to 34.

Regan was previously the Secretary for North Carolina’s Department of Environmental Quality and has a track record of working with farmers. He will be sworn in by Vice President Harris.

Former EPA Administrators are also calling on Regan to restore the Agency’s focus on science. Christine Todd Whitman served for three years under President George W. Busch. She says that environmental issues have become political footballs, preventing the agency from doing its work to improve air and water quality.

According to Whitman, “The first order of business for the new leadership at the EPA is to reestablish a commitment to sound science as an integral and indispensable part of policymaking.”

Ag groups have also called on the EPA to base any regulations on science and to make sure farmers have a voice at the table during the rule-making process.


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