Senator Deb Fischer “calls it like it is” on Mexico’s GM corn ban

Senator Deb Fischer issued a strong rebuke against Mexico’s decision to ban GM corn.

The country doubled down on its decree, pointing to a controversial finding from 2015 that declared glyphosate a carcinogen that could cause cancer. That finding has been disputed around the globe, but Mexico says it will still ban GM corn for human consumption in one year.

Senator Fischer says the decision not only harms Nebraska farmers but Mexico’s food security.

“Let’s call it what it is – Mexico’s latest decree against genetically modified corn is an absurd rebuke of the United States and our shared trade agreements. Such a ban would not only hurt Nebraska farmers but also would directly harm Mexico’s food security and undermine ag innovation. While I appreciate the Biden Administration’s attempts to negotiate, it is clear that the United States needs to immediately pursue a dispute settlement process through the USMCA. There can be no flexibility here,” said Sen. Fischer.