Several gray wolves have been released onto Colorado’s public lands

Despite pushback from producers in the area, wildlife officials have released several gray wolves onto public lands in Colorado.

Five gray wolves were trapped in Oregon and sent to Colorado, and each wolf was measured, weighed, given vaccines, and fitted with a GPS collar for tracking.

The move stems from a voter-approved push to re-establish the species in the state but not everyone was happy with it.

Frequent Market Day Report guest Tommy Grisafi spoke about it on Cow Guy Close and said that it comes down to cities far separated from these areas making decisions for rural America

“When you look at a state like Indiana, it’s red. When you look at a state like Illinois, it’s red, but Chicago runs Illinois. The view of someone who lives south, Wilmington, Illinois versus someone who lives in city is totally different. The people letting go of the wolves, they have an agenda, they may be right or wrong. Am I a wolf expert? No. But I do know this: if it’s hurting my ranchers and my friends in agriculture, then I have a problem with it, Scott.”

The Colorado Cattlemen’s Association had been asking for a temporary restraining order but a judge denied the motion last week.

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