Several lawmakers are pushing back on the new fuel mileage standards

The White House is passing up sustainable fuels like ethanol, and instead are continuing their push toward all-electric vehicles.

The new fuel mileage standards require new passenger cars to gradually increase to 50 miles per gallon by 2031. It is a move that does not sit well with lawmakers, like Wyoming Republican John Barrasso.

“No one believes that two-thirds of the cars sold in America in 2032 are going to be electric. The Biden Administration’s fixation on these electric cars amounts to wishful thinking on his part. But despite generous subsidies, the demand for electric cars is stagnating. His efforts to force-feed Americans electric cars is going to cause greater instability, greater instability in our nation’s electric system.”

Other lawmakers, like Senator Ron Wyden, disagree saying the wheels are already in motion, and vehicle manufacturers are already making changes in their supply chains. However, the Supreme Court is still working on its ruling around agency rulemaking powers, which could upend these mileage standards.