Shady Rest Farm is hog heaven

One farm nestled in the Bluegrass State is considered a hog heaven. As part of the “Kentucky Farms Feed Me” series, we meet one pork producer who strives for the ultimate in animal care.

Shady Rest Farm is home to 4,000 sows, but each one receives individual care due to the design of the farm. Caleb Ragland states, “We use individual stalls for housing of each of the sows. That gives us the ability for each sow to get the exact amount of feed that she needs to eat each day. We’re able to provide the exact vitamins, mineral, and protein; everything she needs right in front of her.”

There is also climate control in the buildings. Whether it is a hot summer day or cold winter, the building keeps the pigs at a comfortable 60-70 degree temperature.

The amount of pigs they produce in a year is close to three times what the average was 50 years ago. Caleb attributes that to their management practices and technology.