Single father swan carries on, by carrying babies on back


Earlier this week, a mother swan passed away in her nest on Boston’s Esplanade. Leaving her “husband” to care for their newborn babies on his own.

One individual returned to the water a few days later and saw a sight he will never forget.

The new single father had his babies on his back as he made his way into the Storrow Lagoon.

“When they approached I noticed something was kind of unusual. All the baby cygnets were on top of the papa swan,” Matthew Raifman told WBZ-TV.

Raifman snapped a photo that would later take over social media.

“It’s not a fairy tale story and I think that’s what is powerful about it. That challenge of kind of love and loss and triumph and overcoming these obstacles is something I think we’re all kind of connecting with around this papa swan story and rooting for,” he went on to state.

Story via CBS Boston