Slim Chance of Recovery: USDA Meteorologist offers insight into pasture and rangeland conditions

Overall pasture and range land conditions are getting worse, and USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey fears that there is a slim chance of recovery.

“Still in the south, at this time if you get some good soaking rains, you can revive those pastures, but just like winter grains, you really tend to not see much grass development once temperature, average temperatures that is, drop below about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. So, we’re getting within about, you know, two to four weeks or so when you’re going to see significant recovery,” Rippey explains.

37 percent of the nation’s rangeland and pastures are in the worst category, very poor to poor. That is up one point from last week.
Land rated good to excellent was down two points to 33 percent.