Sonne Farms: Putting Fear Into Trees Everywhere!

Brush beware! In this episode of Sonne Farms, Cole gets to run a powerful brush cutter through some of the trees!

We’re using a 48-inch disc mulcher to cut and mulch tree brush to do a bit of shelter belt reclamation, cleaning up some of that undergrowth that we don’t necessarily want. It’s a perfect application for a piece of equipment like this. This particular mulcher is a skid steer attachment sized to go on pretty much any machine out there, whether you’ve got standard flow or high flow -- as long as you’ve got a front windshield. Got to keep those operators safe!

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Welcome to Sonne Farms! We showcase the numerous jobs we take on each day around our corn, soybean, and beef-producing operation. Hop in the cab or sorting alley with Cole, Brian, and Jeff, and see what life’s like for the people that help feed the U.S. and the rest of the world. In addition to raising corn, soy, and cattle—Sonne Farms also puts up grass and alfalfa, and sells purebred Black Angus Bulls in South Dakota.


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