Sonny Perdue gives outlook for 2020 Farm Sector

With 2019’s volatile growing season over and a rough start with exports this year, RFD-TV’s Janet Adkison interviews U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue on his thoughts for the 2020 farm sector.

Secretary Perdue discusses trade, MFP payments, President Trump, and the coronavirus. With President Trump tweeting about the possibility of MFP, Secretary Perdue wants to stress that MFP was not created as “price support mechanism”. Perdue goes on to talk about his upcoming travels and the budget cuts to crop insurance. Crop insurance protects more than 90% of the United States planted acres. Even thought this is a vital part of the farm sector, he is not concerned.

Secretary Perdue says that he is optimistic everything will work out, as farmers do. His message to U.S. farmers is to continue to be resilient and work hard to produce the best product one can. For more information visit HERE.