Sounds like a Set Up: Grain officials express concern over Biden’s Snake River conservation plan

The National Grain and Feed Association is sounding the alarm over the Biden Administration’s latest Snake River conservation plan.

The billion dollar plan is suppose to fund fish restoration efforts and tribal clean energy projects while implementing changes to hydro-power operations.
It also takes a look at how to offset impacts if the dams were removed.

The association says that this is all a set up to remove the four navigational dams on the lower Snake River.

The removal would negatively impact operations and livelihoods involved with barge transportation, ultimately leading to reduced exports that would impact global food insecurity.

The four dams provide roughly 3,000 mega watts of hydro-power, support shipments from thirteen grain elevators, and send around 100 million bushels of wheat exports out of the Pacific Northwest, meaning 40-60 cents of positive basis on wheat for farmers.