The latest agricultural news related to Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, and other states in the Southeastern United States.

The Farm Monitor takes us to the Georgia Citrus Growers annual conference in Tifton to learn more about the opportunities and challenges they face.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has significantly adjusted its spring weather outlook this year, notably removing the word ‘flood’ from its forecast.
As students from across south Louisiana aim for a coveted spot at the state competition this April, here’s an inside look at how Louisiana 4-H shooting sports is not only shaping skilled marksmen but also nurturing future leaders.
Livestock showmen are an important aspect of the pork industry and, of course, should be celebrated on National Pig Day!
The drought along the Mississippi River is over, for now, according to the Army Corps of Engineers.
LSU AgCenter’s Craig Gautreaux ventures into the heart of northwest Louisiana to witness agriculture’s ongoing struggle with extreme drought conditions there.
The National Association of Agriculture Educators (NAAE) recently elected Bill Newsom, of Tennessee, as the organization’s new president.
Explore Secret Garden Bees’ sweet story of growth and success in the world of honey production thanks to a vital grant from the N.C. Tobacco Trust Fund.
Dickson County FFA Vice President Jacey Bowers was chosen as the Mayor’s Choice this year for her drawing of none other than the blue corduroy jacket!
Two Tennessee farmers were named National Young Farmer and Ranchers winners during the 105th annual meeting of the American Farm Bureau Federation.
Two Tennessee farmers were named National Young Farmer & Rancher winners during the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 105th annual meeting last week.
In Middle Tennessee, where many have more than half a foot of snow on the ground right now, farmers are relishing the rare beauty of their snow-covered farms!
Amiyah joined us Wednesday on Market Day Report to share how she got involved with 4-H as a youngster and the inspiration behind her non-profit, “I Am.”
Meet Danielle Graham, an accomplished expert in poultry parasitology who is not only focused on advancing research but is also dedicated to cultivating the next generation of scientists.
Cole and Nicole Roper embody a commitment to agriculture that extends far beyond the fields they cultivate in the heart of Georgia. The Farm Monitor takes us to their Royston-based operation to find out their secrets to success.
However, economists say land values could falter if commodity prices fall in the New Year.
Duck hunting has been a part of Louisiana heritage since Cajuns first settled in the region. One man in central Louisiana is keeping the old ways alive by continuing to craft these prized duck calls rooted in tradition.
Preserving genetic material for aquatic species is the mission of the LSU AgCenter Aquatic Germplasm and Genetic Resources Center.