Soy-based product being used on U.S. roadways


PoreShield, a soy-based concrete sealant, is now being used across Indiana.

PoreShield is being applied to 77 bridge decks across 330,00 square feet in 2020 and the goal is to expand in the future, according to a news release from the United Soybean Board. It uses about 200 bushels of soybeans per mile on a two-lane bridge treatment. That comes out to about 7.5 acres of soybeans per mile of PoreShield used.

PoreShield was made possible thanks to farmers’ checkoff investments and a partnership between the USB and Indiana Soybean Alliance.

“As a renewable alternative, using U.S.-grown soybean oil as a concrete durability enhancer is among one of 1,000 soy-based products currently on the market,” said John Jansen, USB vice president of oil strategy. “It unlocks yet another use that drives demand for our soybeans, and with PoreShield, there’s enormous potential for roads and bridges that need these critical enhancements.”

PoreShield, which began being developed in 2008, offers enhanced protection and durability of concrete while also providing an environmentally friendly to treat cracks and crumbles.

In addition to the benefits for the concrete, the product has also received strong support from applicatiors because it reduces cost, requires no personal protective equipment and is easier to use.

“I’m a concrete finisher by trade and know firsthand the importance of keeping concrete sealed,” said Carl Anderson, a highway superintendent in Orange County, Indiana. “I was impressed by the product we used to seal the bridge decks. The dry time differs quite a bit depending on the weather and how porous the deck was. I will definitely recommend this product to my fellow superintendents of other Indiana counties. Thank you for this great opportunity.”