Soy Transportation Coalition on new agricultural rail line bill

A bill in Congress would improve funding for ag rail lines as they make infrastructure upgrades.

Mike Steenhoek, the Executive Director for the Soy Transportation Coalition, speaks with RFD-TV’s own Janet Adkison on the Railroad Rehabilitation and Financing Innovation Act, how it would impact agriculture, and the need for railroad improvements.

“The act is really designed to provide assistance to our short-line and regional railroads... The short-line and regional railroads often provide that critical initial mile, or that initial final mile, that allows that whole journey to occur,” Steenhoek states. “Short-lines and regional railroads, they are an integral part of the soybean and agricultural supply chain. This particular piece of legislation is designed to help improve the process for these short-line and regional railroads to access low-interest loans, loan guarantees to make the whole process more expeditious and efficient for those qualifying railroads.”

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