SpaceX looks to bring broadband to rural America

SpaceX wants to bring broadband to rural America, but there is a problem.

It has been using flawed maps from the Federal Communications Commission.

Space X bid on unserved areas on the FCC’s map and won federal funding, but the areas include major airports, luxury hotels, and a parking garage in Miami beach, not the rural areas which need it. Even if the company is able to shift its funding to more deserving areas, it could be too expensive.

The upfront cost for the kit is almost $500 dollars and the service would be about $100 dollars each month.

USDA has been working with NASA since the earliest days of the Space Administration.

The two agencies come together to gain an understanding of agricultural issues both above and below the crop on the ground. Their collaboration helps provide a connection to research questions to make impacts such as forecasting weather or understanding soils.

According to USDA’s Mike Cosh, “Participating in these efforts to better serve the public in the long-term, and it’s not always interesting. I’m the person that gets dirty in the field, and dirty is not always fun or exciting, as much as space. You need to have a full spectrum of science to really help the public.”


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