Special RURAL AMERICA LIVE with World Soybean Record Winner Randy Dowdy

Thursday, October 3
8 PM ET | 7 PM CT | 6 PM MT | 5 PM PT

RFD-TV is honoring new world record soybean yielder, Randy Dowdy, with a special edition of Rural America Live on Thursday night at 8PM/ET hosted by Brian and Darren Hefty of Hefty Seed Company.

Dowdy surpassed his previous world record of 171 bushels per acre set in 2016. Using Hefty Brand Soybeans 49X7S, Dowdy has set the new world record for soybean yield at 190.23 bushels per acre.

The key to record yields was finding a way to manage stress on soybean plants,” said Randy Dowdy. “Every year presents new information on what works and what doesn’t in seed selection, fertility management, and crop protection. We feel like this year God blessed us with all the right conditions.”

During the Rural America Live Brian and Darren will be talking with Dowdy about his keys to success and some of the different strategies he used throughout the season to reach his new world record.