“Storm Area 51" Already Taking Toll on Rural Nevada


August 20, 2019

The potential threat of tens of thousands of would-be raiders descending upon rural Lincoln Country, Nevada as part of a planned “Storm Area 51” event is one that officials there are taking very seriously, and preparations are already taxing the limited resources of the isolated community.

Social media users numbering in the millions have pledged to descend upon and forcibly break their way into the infamous Area 51 military base, located just outside the tiny town of Rachel, NV (pop. 54), in an attempt to force public disclosure of alleged government secrets pertaining to the supposed crash landing of an alien spacecraft in the area decades ago. The “raid” is set to occur on Friday, Sept. 20 between 3 AM and 6 AM PDT.

According to Fox News, County Commission Chairman Varlin Higbee told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he and other county officials cannot afford to ignore the potential that such a surge of visitors has to completely overwhelm local campsites, gas stations, medical facilities, and cell phone and internet services.

The county has drafted an emergency declaration, and is reaching out to other agencies on the local, state, and federal levels in an effort to pull in additional personnel and resources. As an additional compromise measure that represents “the lesser of two evils,” lawmakers have also approved two festival-type events in the area, in the hopes of channeling all of the alien-obsessed energy into a more manageable scenario.

But given the stated objectives of the hordes, the potential for widespread lawlessness can’t be discounted either.

“This event will undoubtedly attract crooks trying to capitalize on the chaos. Be on your guard and always lock your vehicle,” the town of Rachel warned in a recent statement. “And stay away from the residential part of Rachel. Most residents do not like where this event is going and will respond accordingly.”

“We don’t know what to plan for,” Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee told KLAS-TV on Monday. “We’re only planning for the worst, and hoping for the best.”

(Source: Fox News)


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