Sugarfield Spirits is locally grown good time

There is one distillery in Louisiana that produces rum and other drinks using only local sugarcane products.

This Week in Louisiana Ag shares this video of Sugarfield Spirits Co. and shows us how they are committed to turning the best of the state’s fresh commodities into a 100 percent homegrown good time.

The company started in January of this year. They harvest sugarcane from local farmers to make their spirits and even place the coordinates of where the products came from on the bottle. Owner Andrew Soltau says that using local, Louisiana products is at the heart of his business.

Sugar is not the only crop they buy locally; they also use local molasses and even strawberries for their specialty liqueurs.

Even with the current pandemic, Soltau’s operation is still running and open for business. Customers can safely come to their shop to purchase spirits.

“We don’t dwell on the hand that we are dealt. Like anybody in agriculture or any farmer, they’re always going to have issues with regulations, issues with the weather, issues with the whatever it is that your are facing,” he said. “You just have to pivot and remain positive and do your best.”

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