Sunbelt Ag Expo: Let’s head to one of North America’s premier ag shows!


The 45th annual Sunbelt Ag Expo is a three-day event and is considered one of the premier ag and farm shows in all of North America.

Tammi Arender is there and caught up with Chip Blalock, the Executive Director.

One of the biggest highlights of the Sunbelt Ag Expo is announcing the Southeastern Farmer of the Year. Farmers from 10 states are judged on their agriculture production and farm management. The winner is Steve Cobb of Lake City, Arkansas.

With some 1,200 exhibitors at the Expo, you will see anything and everything that a farmer or rancher needs. Watchdog Trailers of Indiana decided to make the trip to the Farm Show this year to show off their latest products.

The expo has more than 100 acres of exhibit space. One of those exhibitors is OK Brand Fending. Tammi Arender caught up with Ryan Jones and asked him why it is important to attend farm shows like this one.

In Georgia, there is a statewide collaboration to address farm workers’ mental health. Several state leaders, including Agriculture Commissioner Tyler Harper, are on hand for the announcement at the Expo.

The Expo has indoor and outdoor exhibits featuring the latest in ag technology and products. Tammi Arender caught up with one of those businesses that sponsors lots of youth activities, Agrisupply.

Tammi Arender caught up with Georgia’s Commissioner of Agriculture, Tyler Harper.

Land grant universities are known for their agricultural research. Several colleges in the Southeast spotlight their ag programs at the Expo. Tammi Arender stopped by the University of Florida exhibit to see what they are showcasing this year.

The town of Moultrie, Georgia swells from 14,000 to about 50,000 during the Expo. Besides seeing the latest in ag technology and competitions for the youth, the state farm bureau got a chance to tell their story.

One of the highlights of the three-day event is the Georgia Grown’ exhibit. Tammi Arender talked with the director, Kelli Williams about what it means to be Georgia Grown.

Georgia may be called the Peach State but it is also known for another commodity, peanuts. As our Tammi Arender tells us there are some people who come to the Expo just for the grilled PB&J sandwiches.

The Expo also showcases products that can make life easier for those in the ag and equine industries. Tammi Arender caught up with Boss Equine to talk about their clever bucket invention.