Survey: Americans show pride in their vehicles


According to a survey by Cars.Com, Americans really love their vehicles, even more than their own health.

Sixty-three percent of the over 2,300 respondents said they service their vehicle more than 60 percent said they take their vehicle in for service more than they go to a dentist and 57 percent said they service their vehicle more than they go to the doctor.

According to the survey, Los Angeles is the city that loves their rides the most with 76 percent showing pride in their car. On the low end, only 64 percent of Bostonians have pride in their car.

“Our survey supports what we already know: for many people, our cars are an extension of ourselves, and sometimes that means they get the majority of our attention and affection,” said Matt Schmitz, assistant managing editor of “But at, we know finding the perfect car to fall in love with can be overwhelming. Our Matchmaker tool helps make the process easier and more fun by pairing car shoppers with the vehicle that best meets their needs and lifestyle preferences. We’re creating matches made in car heaven, and that’s a beautiful thing.”