Ten facts about the United States Constitution


Today is National Constitution Day, marking the 232nd anniversary of the U.S. Constitution. Here are 10 things you may not know about how our constitution came to be.

1. It was hot in there

The summer of 1787 was a very humid one in Philadelphia and all of the doors and windows were closed so there would be no eavesdroppers. Couple that with the thick garments of the time and the framers were probably awfully sweaty.

2. Benjamin Franklin had to be carried in

Franklin, who was 81 at the time, was withering in pain and could barely stand throughout the proceedings.

3. Farmers were underrepresented

At the time America was a country of farming but only one of the 55 delegates was a farmer. Thirty-four were lawyers.

4. The Electoral College was very controversial

It took 60 rounds of balloting to finally pass.

5. The Constitution cost $30 to write

Jacob Shallus, the Pennsylvania General Assembly assistant clerk was paid for his penmanship

6. Thomas Jefferson never signed it

He was in Paris at the time. John Adams also never signed it. George Washington and James Madison were the only two Presidents to sign the constitution.

7. Pennsylvania is misspelled

There are some other spelling errors but this one is widely regarded as the most glaring.

8. The youngest delegate was 26

It was John Dayton of New Jersey. Franklin was the oldest.

9. James Madison was the only one to attend every meeting

He took detailed notes on each one too and kept them in a journal.

10. The Constitution contains 4,543 words

In total, its four large sheets of paper.