Texas and Oklahoma will have to wait for Spring for the good rain

Much of the country got rain and snow last week, but parts of Oklahoma and Texas missed out on that. So, dry conditions continue to expand there.

Over the last month, most of Oklahoma has gone multiple days without at least a quarter inch of rain, and that is expected to continue.
A state climatologist tells us more about future weather.

“As we look into the future, we see some storm systems coming through. They’re still iffy at this time. How much moisture are they going to have to work with; how quickly are they going to travel through the state? Is it going to be rain; is it going to be snow? Probably just a best bet to wait on spring to count on a good rainfall, unfortunately,” Gary McManus explains. “Even during drought periods, you can get these extreme events that lay down a lot of snow or a lot of rainfall. We haven’t really seen that this year like we have the last few years, but again, it is dangerous to say it is going to stay that way as we are going into February or March in Oklahoma when some of our bigger snowfall events have occurred, especially recently.”

He adds that the time period from December to January is Oklahoma’s fourth driest since 1921.