Texas high schoolers build and donate dog houses to animal shelter

Dog Houses

As a part of their career and technical education programs, students at a Texas high school are learning about construction, KHOU 11 reports.

Part of the class focuses on framing homes, but instead of working on full-size houses, the class starts on a much smaller scale says instructor Leonard Venghaus.

“‘Hey, you’re doing some little houses?’ I said, ‘yeah,’” Venghaus told KHOU 11 news while explaining how the project came to be. “‘They could be a dog house. We have a need for a dog house, could you give them to us?’ I said, ‘Sure we can.’”

The dog houses the students build are donated to a local dog shelter.

Venghaus knows the lesson is about framing, but the students also learn the importance of giving back to your community.

Camer Chandler, a junior at the high school told KHOU 11 that knowing you are helping people and animals is a special feeling.

“It’s great to give back, it makes you feel good. It just does, you can’t explain it.”