Texas producers build a “gravy train” to help feed animals

As farm labor challenges continue, there is a push toward technological help.

Two producers in Texas built a robot to help out. River McTasney and Hunter Allemand built the V1 Ranch Rover, which is a feeding robot that can hold up to one ton of feed, roam around grazing spots, and even use GPS to follow specific routes to livestock. Its creators say it saves time and money and it does not seem to scare the animals.

“I haven’t seen any kind of fear initially, but once they see feed comes out of it, it’s a no-brainer, the gravy train. They come right to it. They know what it’s here to do. They may even come to it a little more because there’s not a human in it and there’s no kind of predatorial factor to it.”

The Ranch Rover starts at $55,000 and works on varying land types and in all different weather conditions, including 110-degree days and cold rain.

You can find out more by clicking HERE.

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