Thanks to higher milk prices and federal policy, the dairy sector begins to recover

Higher milk prices and effective federal policies lend support to the dairy industry.

One of the biggest hits the sector took was the shutdown of restaurants and cancellation of social events.

“The collapse of that market place meant for our own dairy farm, about a $2 million dollar hit in a matter of about two weeks and just planning to how we were going to get through that on the breath and depth of the challenge that was in front of us,” James Jacquier with the National Milk Producers Federation said.

The Nation Milk Producers Federation says that recovery is coming on strong and that support from the federal government is also helping. According to Alan Bjerga, the senior VP of communications for the NMPF, we are now seeing a pretty startling price recovery in dairy and the demand is there.

The industry is a tight-knit community and is working together to communicate their challenges to consumers and lawmakers.

“We also had to be out there proactively letting our leadership know, within our states, what is going on,” Jacquier said.

He goes on to say that his area will be able to survive thanks to the combination of federal and state aid.