The ‘Citrus Expert of South Texas’ has a lot to smile about this year

A south Texas citrus expert is smiling about his region’s product this year. Here is what we can expect out of the “Lone Star State”.

Fred Karle is known in south Texas as the expert on citrus, a local grocery store even identifies him as such. He says that there is good reason to want Texas citrus.

“We’re blessed with a special soil and climate where our citrus is juicier and sweeter,” Karle states.

He says harvest is underway in this part of the country: “What we hear, the price of the fruit that the shippers are getting has been good.”

Let us cut to the chase. We wanted to know what the bottom line was going to be. Will this be a good year for Texas citrus?

“It started off good and we hope it will finish off that way,” Karle states.

He says that the naval harvest is completed and the early orange harvest is largely completed. Now, they are starting with late oranges. He says that growers are also prioritizing trying to get the citrus to a higher grade.

“We’re just trying to get the rest of the grapefruit to grow, and get more of it into bigger sizes,” he adds.

According to Karle, irrigation will only make these fruits look better.


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