The coming change in ag policy making

As projected, two House Democrats will seek chairmanship of the House Agriculture Committee.

Representatives David Scott and Jim Costa will make a bid to fill Chairman Collin Peterson’s seat. Economist speculate on the future of Congress overall.

According to David Widmar, with Agricultural Economic Insight, “Early in 2021, we’ll start to figure out how those players are going to play together, and then we also have to step back and think about the reality of the field, the reality of the politics, and the reality is the U.S. is still navigating the pandemic and associated with that is economic uncertainties. There are still a lot of questions about the U.S. economy, and how the U.S. economy is going to navigate the next six to twelve months.”

Widmar says that despite what happens with the outcome of the presidency, Congress has a lot of things to work through in the next few weeks, from another stimulus package to keeping the government running.