The EPA Delivers Ruling On Dicamba


October 17, 2017

American Soybean Association President Ron Moore spoke with RFD-TV’s Janet Adkison about the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to further regulate the use of dicamba as an “over the top” herbicide.

Dicamba is a regulated herbicide, formulated for use with genetically modified cotton and soybeans. During the 2017 growing season, neighboring crops experienced damage due to drift.

The EPA named certain new formulations of dicamba herbicide as restricted-use. Moore agrees with the decision, saying that because they are restricted-use, those choosing to apply dicamba will have to participate in continuing education for proper procedures and safety standards applying to the product.

One concern of farmers has been the yield rate of dicamba-resistant soybeans, Moore said, “On our farm, our yield of dicamba-resistant soybeans is excellent.”

While there are still unanswered questions for many farmers concerning the usage of dicamba, the American Soybean Association will continue to research and provide evidence for decisions to be made. For the full Dicamba story, read here.