The grass is greener at Pinehurst Resort and Country Club!

For fans, PGA’s U.S. Open was all about the players, but for agronomists, it was all about the grass.

The event’s sponsor explains what makes the Ultra Dwarf Bermuda at Pinehurst Resort and Country Club different.

“You know, Bermuda grass grows kind of in the direction of the slope. So if you’re downhill down grain, you got that shiny grass, you know, looking at, you know, it’s going to be a really fast, but where as well, if you’re uphill and into the grain, it’s actually going to be a slow putt. And these guys learn to recognize that. And I mean, I’m sure if I can see it, they can see it because that’s their side of a living, is reading greens and understanding grain,” said Darin Bevard.

Bermuda grass makes up around a third of all maintained turf grass on U.S. golf courses.