The issues Canadian farmers will be watching for during the U.S. election

We now turn our attention across the border to learn what Canadian farmers are watching for during tomorrow’s election.

The host of RealAg Radio, Shaun Haney, speaks with RFD-TV on what will be on his radar during tomorrow’s races and which candidate is favored in Canada.

According to Haney, “If you look at Canada as a whole, I’ve seen a number of surveys that show a lot of support behind Biden. Some of that would have to do with the level of opinion that Canadians, in general, have had towards President Trump. Some of that goes back to the nasty treatment during the NAFTA renegotiations, but... no matter who wins, I think that what Canadians are hoping for is an improved relationship with the U.S. and to put some of the difficult issues behind us.”

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