The nation’s topsoil moisture condition rating contrast continues

USDA’s latest topsoil moisture ratings show a continued divide between the East and West.

“We will see some very moist conditions from the Mississippi Valley eastward. In fact, we see a growing number of states, seven of them in the Midwest reporting topsoil moisture anywhere from one quarter to 1.5 surplus, lead by Illinois at 49%.”

USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey says Michigan and Indiana follow closely behind at 35%.

Now let us switch to the dry side of the equation.

“The Great Plains and the Rocky Mountain states, you look at those 10 states, nine of the 10 reporting topsoil moisture ranging from 50-90% very short to short. The only state not on that list is North Dakota.”

That is likely because of the back-to-back storm systems in North Dakota, but states like Texas, Nebraska and Montana are also on that very short to short list and in desperate need of rain.


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