The new Ford F-150 Lightning is HERE!


Ford Motor Company has unveiled their F-150 Lightning, which is the electric version of the “most popular truck in America” and, according to Ford, the most powerful truck in their F-Series lineup.

It even received the approval of President Joe Biden after he took it for a spin.

After its launch, the companies stock rose more than 1.5 percent on premarket trading.

Here are some of the stats:

  • Starting price: $40,000 dollars (starting price for a combustion engine F-150 is $29,000)

  • 770 foot-pounds of torque (300 less than Tesla’s Cybertruck)

  • 600 HP

  • Zero to 60 mph in roughly four seconds (Tesla Cybertruck-- 2.9 seconds)

  • 300-mile range off a single charge

  • Towing capacity around 7,7000 lbs

  • Weight estimated around 6,500 lbs

  • 5.5-foot bed
  • According to Ford, it can power an average home for three days

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Story via Al Root with Barron’s