The outlook for milk prices as schools turn to virtual learning

As the ag sector copes with ripple effects of COVID-19, speculation looms over the outlook for milk prices as schools begin to reopen virtually.

National Milk Producers Federation’s Alan Bjerga speaks with RFD-TV’s own Janet Adkison on virtual learning’s impact on the milk industry and what trends he believes will arise as the pandemic continues.

“Small changes in supply demand can have a big impact on price. So, when you take a look at the situation with schools not reopening, it’s something that weights on the market and causes concerns. Now, you don’t want to exaggerate it...,” Bjerga states. “This is demand that you tend to be counting on, and if schools are having sort of a not consistent approach to reopening nationwide, it’s very difficult to calibrate your supply and demand so that you have the appropriate amount of milk for whatever the school’s needs are, when you don’t know what those needs are.”

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