The PRICE Act looks to help fix the weak spots in the cattle market that were highlighted by COVID

Lawmakers are working on the PRICE Act legislation that helps ranchers get back on their feet and address areas of critical importance for cattle producers.

Frank Lucas, a Republican Representative from Oklahoma, says that COVID 19 showed the vulnerabilities in the U.S. meat supply chain.

“It demonstrated though this was an ultra-efficient system we have, just how susceptible it was, whether it was sick employees in a packing plant or restaurants couldn’t take that half of the meat supply that was packaged and designed for their sales, or when consumers in panic went to the grocery store and discovered that there wasn’t enough hamburger or bacon or chicken breast to meet their needs,” Lucas states. “It demonstrated a bunch of these things and this may be the time hopefully with the momentum we gained here to try and focus on that.”

According to Lucas, the bill includes new and existing measures to aid producer owned beef processing facilities.


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