The Ride with Cord McCoy

Take a journey each week with Cord McCoy as he travels the country and the world to provide a glimpse into the life of today’s modern working ranch cowboy and the western way of life. Cord will take you to some of the most prestigious ranches as well as those with a unique perspective on the horse and cattle industry. You’ll enjoy all the excitement, trials and tribulations of a true working ranch cowboy from the comfort of your living room.

Cord will also take you on a historical ride from the pasture and into the show arena to demonstrate how ranch work translates into modern-day performance disciplines. From reining, to calf roping, to cutting, The Ride will give you the inside look at it all. He also takes a look at different aspects surrounding the western lifestyle, including equipment and tools, management practices and how this way of life carries over into a cowboy’s home.

As a two-time participant in “The Amazing Race,” and a professional bull-rider who’s been around the world, Cord is excited to take viewers on his ride. Whether you enjoy the thrill of top-level competition or just appreciate the history of the western lifestyle and the American Cowboy, you are sure to enjoy this fun, informative, action-packed TV show.


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