The Sound of Hooves with Jackie Ganter


January 31, 2018

First, you hear: “Ride Jackie Ride!” Followed by the sounds of a rodeo announcer over the loudspeakers and the thunder of hooves. These are the sounds of barrel racer Jackie Ganter, who was recently featured in a Red Bull video project. The series is titled “Sound of Sport” and is described as an immersive video experience produced in “collaboration with DTS Audio, who used cutting-edge sound technology to let you hear the action as if you were right in the middle of it.”

The video stands out from other visual takes on the sport and is heavily focused on nat sound in lieu of traditional interview elements.

“It was an amazing experience, especially seeing how it all came together. There were many things during filming, such as cameras on my head and microphones attached to my shirt, that — at the time of production — didn’t make sense to me or I didn’t know exactly what sounds they would capture,” said Ganter. “Once the video was finished it all made sense — these are truly the sounds of my sport.”

Red Bull has long been known for their amazing video pieces that showcase the world of sports in new and interesting ways.

Watch the Video: “Sound of Sport” by © RED BULL

Ganter originally grew up as an English rider, but transitioned to barrel racing when she was 12-years-old. Her mother trains barrel racing horses, so it was a smooth transition for Ganter. Her career is just beginning to take off, and at a young age, success looks promising for this rising rodeo star. Ganter qualified for 2014’s RFD-TV’s THE AMERICAN after winning the world championship at the Better Barrel Races World Finals. Ganter also received an invite to the 2016 American rodeo.

Barrel racer Jackie Ganter recently qualified for the 2018 RFD-TV’s The American Semi-Finals.

The Semi-Finals kick off Sunday, February 18th in Fort Worth, TX. RFD-TV’s THE AMERICAN returns to AT&T Stadium on Sunday, February 25, 2018. The road to the finals is already underway with qualifiers in each of the rodeo events. Click here to get the latest list of Barrel Racing Qualifiers.

Read the full story on Red Bull’s website here.

Photos from the “Sound of Sport” photoshoot. © RED BULL

Meet Jackie Ganter, Barrel Racing’s rising star. © RED BULL

Jackie Ganter rounds a barrel. © ROBERT SNOW/RED BULL CONTENT POOL

Jackie Ganter and her horse running barrels. © ROBERT SNOW/RED BULL CONTENT POOL