The spring wheat harvest is behind pace, and one state is being hit hard

This year’s spring wheat harvest is moving at a sluggish pace.

The combines have been rolling for weeks, but only a third of the nation’s crop has been harvested. This number falls well below the five-year average pace of 74 percent. USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey explains why one state, in particular, is seeing these poor numbers.

“Now there is a wide range of harvest progress. Remember, we had the late blizzards and wetness in North Dakota. So, with all those delays in planting, only 18 percent of the spring wheat harvested, where the five-year average is 49 percent,” according to Rippey.

In South Dakota, however, the crop’s harvest is 4 percent ahead of the five-year average, coming in at 84 percent complete this week.


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