The U.S. is set to defend its tariffs on China to WTO members

This week, the U.S. will defend its tariffs on China to members of the World Trade Organization.

Last month, the WTO said the tariffs violated international rules. However, U.S. Trade Representatives argue the decision proves the governing body cannot stop China.

The U.S. is expected to appeal the decision during the hearing.

China trade is a key issue in the presidential election. If Democratic candidate Joe Biden wins the oval office, some lawmakers expect big changes to the current strategy.

“If Biden takes a different approach to China, and he’s pretty chummy with China as you can tell,” Sen. Chuck Grassley said. “Not having an aggressive policy towards China and not taking command and complete control of the South China Sea, we’d lose leverage with China.

Biden’s camp argues it would have a better relationship with China. However, if President Trump is reelected, Grassley expects the U.S. will continue its aggressive trade policies.

Ag groups send a letter pleading not to leave the WTO.

The future of the WTO may depend on who wins the election in November.