The U.S. Meat Export Federation is looking for more trade spending in the new Farm Bill

Trade is a big priority for many ag groups. The U.S. Meat Export Federation says any additional spending in the Farm Bill would be put to good use.

“I think the potential is huge with additional investment. You’re referring to MAP and FMD, the efforts to try to increase the level of funding in the next Farm Bill. As it looks right now, the Farm Bill has been kicked down the road with a continuing resolution for another year, which is good news in the fact that we got it appropriated, but every time you do that, due to sequestration, a few other things, the total overall budget that’s allocated is a little bit less every year,” said Dan Halstrom.

Halstrom is also focused on traceability. He says a more robust system could give the U.S. a step-up should there be a disease outbreak.