The Ukraine Report: How is the quality of the new harvest?

Ukraine’s harvest has officially started.

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The harvest has begun in the southern regions of Ukraine. Odesa was the first to start the harvest, but what about the quality of the new harvest? Alla Stoyanova, the owner of the agricultural enterprise Kara-Marin LLC. According to her, the small amount of precipitation in autumn and spring affected winter barley - a thin grain with a type of 550-630. However, moisture is normal - 12.5-14.5.

“Up to 2 t/ha of barley were harvested in fields hit by hail, and more than 4 t/ha in those that were not damaged. This year, for the first time, we also collect brewing barley, and we are very satisfied with its quality.”

The current spring was dry for the country, but now in some regions the rains do not allow the harvest to begin

“We are worried about the storm warning. We just recently had torrential rains. Now we work almost around the clock, because everything ripened at the same time: barley, peas, and rapeseed, and wheat is coming. We usually do everything gradually: first, we harvest barley, then rapeseed, then peas. And now “overlapping” - we harvest three crops at the same time.” In general, the harvesting campaign in Ukraine started 2 weeks earlier than usual, which is again due to weather conditions. Despite the drought, rain and hail that damaged winter crops, experts predict a high harvest in the country.
“Today, the forecast for the wheat grain harvest in Ukraine ranges from 21 to 22.5 million tons. For domestic consumption, our country needs about 6 million tons. The rest of the wheat will be exported.”

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