There are major flood concerns impacting multiple states in the middle of the country

Governors of Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota have declared emergencies due to heavy rains.
Now the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has to closely monitor the condition of several dams.

An official with the Saint Paul Corps of Engineers says that rain within the Minnesota River Basin only adds to the Mississippi River and will take weeks to drain.

Residents near a damn in Mankato are on high alert as authorities warn the structure is in immediate danger of falling.

Farther south in Iowa, flood waters quickly rose over the weekend in several northwest counties, leaving livestock displaced and farmers worried.

Kyle Purhmann told DTN that he is missing nine cows and 27 calves.
The fifth-generation farmer says that his family has worked hard to raise bulls and replacements for their herd and they do not want to just go buy different ones.

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association reminds producers to document losses, including animals, fences, property, feed, and crops with photos and videos.