There is not a propane shortage expected this Fall

Some good news! With a summer of high fuel prices and diesel hitting new records, the Propane Education and Research Council say there is no indication there will be a shortage of propane as we head into cooler months.

Their Ag Business Development Director says suppliers are well-equipped to meet any increased demand.

“Propane is produced domestically, we’ve got a lot of supply. We do export over 50 percent of the propane that’s available to us in the U.S. So, from a supply standpoint, we track it at the distribution point level. We’re within the five-year range of what we typically see our summer inventories being. The one thing I would caution a little bit is if you’re in an area where you think you may have higher than normal usage, your corn is wet, or you may think you may struggle to get the black layer, and you know that you’re going to use a lot of propane, get those tanks filled early, make sure you’re talking with your supplier to let them know how many gallons you think you could use because communication is the key to making sure that we’ve got the product in place and available for the folks who need it when they need it,” said Mike Newland.

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