There may be alternatives, but there is nothing like a turkey for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and several factors are driving up turkey prices. As a result, some shoppers may seek an alternative for the holiday.

As far as tradition goes, the first Thanksgiving meal had other wild fowl including duck, goose, and swan. It is also recorded that venison was enjoyed in the form of five deer provided by the native tribesmen.

Every family’s Thanksgiving meal can look a little bit different depending on preferences, but one part that is pretty universal, even for many vegetarians, is turkey.

A recent survey by market research firm Morning Consult shows 41 percent of those who describe themselves as vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan say they will eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

Despite all the challenges this year, like inflation and HPAI, nearly 90 percent of dinner hosts plan to keep turkey the centerpiece of their holiday meal.

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