These Montana students weren’t horsing around with their senior prank


Senior Day pranks are a staple across the country. Students at Montana’s Conrad Public schools did it by the books-- the law books that is.

Twelve students galloped into school Monday for their senior prank. While we are sure it was a sight to see and a few laughs were shared, the prank had layers. There is a law in Montana that says if a student rides their horse to school it is the administration/principal’s job to care for the horse during the day.

In a Facebook post, the school wrote: “Montana has an old law saying if a student rides their horse to school, the school principal has to feed and tend to the horse throughout the day. It looks like Mr. DeBruycker has his work cut out for him today...”

This is not the first time a Montana school used the law for their prank. In 2021, two students did the same thing at Three Forks Public Schools.


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