These special rangers have been protecting the cattle industry since the late 1800s

Protecting cattle and their producers has been the task of a law enforcement agency founded nearly 150 years ago, and their mission is still going strong today.

These special agents investigate crimes against farmers and ranchers and are part of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, otherwise known as TSCRA. Their legacy is comparable to the Texas Rangers, Scotland Yard, and Canada’s Mounted Police.

NCBA recently caught up with one of those special agents to talk about some memorable cases.

“But the most memorable cases that stick out to me are the ones that we utilize our partners and surrounding states, maybe a state across the country, and our federal agencies to help us. Currently, we’re working on a case that stretches all the way to North Carolina, and we’re working with North Carolina officials and Federal agencies to get that case to a conclusion. We’ve recently had a victim in Alaska that had a horse stolen from him down here in Texas, and we were able to recover his horse and get it back to him. That was here in the last months, but it’s these crimes, these cattle can move a long distance in a short amount of time. And I know that we’ve worked several cases with the Louisiana Department of Ag and Forestry, their livestock division, several cases with New Mexico, several cases with Arkansas. Obviously surrounding states, but without that cooperation and that network, a lot of these cases wouldn’t get solved,” said Bo Fox.

Fox says the team is made up of agents from all kinds of law enforcement backgrounds with multiple years of experience under their belts.