This year may be a great year for maple syrup lovers

Maple syrup is flowing this year, and it is looking like the second largest production total ever.

USDA says they have measured nearly 6 million gallons, which is up 21 percent from last season, and it is set to be the largest production total ever. However, USDA’s Lance Honig says there are several factors at play.

“It’s good news, but it does affect the total a bit. We did bring some states back into our program here at Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Ohio, West Virginia. Those are all states that have kind of fallen off our radar a little bit in recent seasons and we’ve brought them back into the fold. So that does affect the total a little bit. They weren’t measured in last year’s and half total over the year before, and so we’re probably down a little bit more from that high in 2022 than what the total may represent. But overall, there’s no denying it’s a great crop this season, maybe not record high, but certainly up in the higher tier of production totals that we’ve seen overtime. So lots of availability throughout this year based on that production total.”

Earlier this year in Canada, Quebec’s Maple Syrup Producers Association announced plans to release around half stockpile this year in order to meet export demand.