Thompson on Farm Bill: More control over ag spending; no need for climate change title

The next chair of the House Ag Committee says when it comes to the 2023 Farm Bill, he is focused on oversight of ag program dollars.

Congressman Glenn GT Thompson says there are a lot of concerns floating around about where USDA money is going. He says more funds have been going to urban communities, but ag leaders feel that money should stay in rural America.

Thompson also says he sees no need for a climate change title within the Farm Bill. This is despite some of his colleagues saying the next bill could be the most climate-friendly yet.

“We don’t need a climate change title in the Farm Bill, and I’ll be honest with you, what we need to do is give credit to the American ranchers, farmers, foresters, for what they do. For too long there’s been a bullseye right on the back of all these families that work so hard to provide us food and fiber that says “climate criminal.”

Another big topic has been conservation efforts. The former Chief of the Farm Service Agency says most ag leaders in Washington agree they should be incentivized, not dictated.